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Success Proof

Finding You

Build a Solid Professional Foundation

Sometimes life just happens.  We've all heard this, but actually, it is true.  The world around us keeps spinning at a pace that has a tendency to engulf us.  Circumstances tend to start layering over our personality to the point that we don't even know who we are anymore or we don’t recognize the person in the mirror.  This session helps us look at ourselves and identify those things that seem to have changed who we are.  As Nemo's Dad Marlin set out on a journey to find his son, let's swim through those caverns and shark-infested waters together and find You.
Success can come many different ways.  Some work very hard for a very long time to achieve success.  Some, it seems, just fall into it.  There is no real "key" to success.  Many speakers and book writers
claim to have solved the puzzle to success.  "Work hard, smile big and follow my 10-step plan, and you will become the CEO." Sounds good, but that is not the way it works. However success comes, one thing is for certain.  Success will be a heavy
weight on you as a professional and as a person.  We have all witnessed examples of successful people falling apart.  Do not let the weight of success crush you. Build a solid professional foundation.  This session presents key elements that will help lay the foundation that every professional individual needs at every level of success.  It is a high-energy, entertaining presentation that encourages the attendees to take these elements back and either build or repair their inner bedrock.
Breakout Sessions

IT Bootcamp

The Ethical Formula

In the business world, there seems to be an abundance of headlines revealing companies and individuals doing bad things.  However, most of the time when you hear sessions on Ethics, it seems to be extremely vague and difficult to understand what is truly to be considered “Ethical
In the world of technology, there is a war going on and if you are not prepared, you and your company will become a casualty.  Does it seem that technology is closing in on you?  Is your network safe?  Is
your important information protected?  Are your employees on Facebook all day?  What can you do? Join the IT Army and get in shape to fight off those computer assaults and make a better battle plan to gain control of your computer responsibilities.
Behavior.”  Ethics, for many, can get confused with “doing the right thing.”  This session helps weed through all the uncertainty.  It helps separate Personal Ethics from Professional Ethics.  It focuses on and demonstrates a Professional Ethical Formula that each person can use in their professional life and in their companies.
Master IT Drill Sergeant, Terry Price, will help get your team into shape for the IT battles ahead.

It's "Twitter Bird" Season

It's "Duck Season" -- No, it's "Wabbit Season"...
In reality it is always "Twitter Bird" season.  Most of us spend a tremendous amount of time on social networks.  We need to realize that there are always hunters out there that are after our personal
information to steal both our identities and possessions.   This session will highlight strategies and practices that everyone needs to adopt to protect themselves and their families.  Don’t end up as a trophy on a hunter’s wall.